WORKFLOW Oriented app design

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Use multiple IOS and IPAD OS device as cameras for OBS, with manual exposure controls and remote control of all device from AppleWatch and Mac

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Scan the RF Spectrum and coordinate your wireless audio gear, with the cheaper hardware in the market and learn all the tips for avoid interference

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Improve your audio mixing with daily exercises in a deliberate practice aproach for your ears, and understanding the why behind all mixing decisions

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MACOS menubar utility, get the estimate time you can record with your remaining space in any Hard Drive or calculate how much space you need for a recording

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Workflow oriented apps desing

Applications made by me, I am a user. designed to insert and / or improve a professional workflow. With an exhaustive testing, taking care of the details. Polished by user feedback .


Learn Without Noise

Without ads and times imposed by profit models that force to fill times with nonsense to satisfy an algorithm. Break the loop of bla bla bla... value your time and energy. Native Development for best performance, squeezing all the posibilities of Apple ecosystem

War against infoxication

In the era of data, finding and filtering is the key. A utility without knowledge is pointless, this is why my apps always will be accompanied by teaching, recommendations and tutorials The selection and learning process in all topics with one focus; the simplest HOW, for the Deepest WHY


Behind the scene

Juan José

App developer and designer

UIkit and SwiftUI

Audio and Video Engineer in Teatro Solis (Montevideo Uruguay)

Sound designer and producer for AUCH